ZAMTEL director fires Zambians, gives contracts to fellow Ugandans

Hans Paul Ssentongo, operating in Zambia as Hans Paulsen

ZAMTEL managing director Hans Paulsen is said to be firing Zambian directors and managers and replacing them with his relatives and friends from Uganda.

Zamtel was sold in a scandalous process that saw then minister of Communication Dora Siliya resign. The Parastatal was sold to  to Libya African Investment Portfolio (LAP) Green Networks for US$394 million.
And ZAMTEL has started printing Cell Z and other Zamtel scratch cards from Uganda using Paulsen’s business partners in Kampala.
Before taking over as Managing director for Zamtel in June 2010, Paulsen was working as Chief Commercial Officer for Uganda Telecoms.
Paulsen, in the picture, is Ugandan and his real Ugandan name is Hans Paul Sentongo.
In the past two weeks, three Zambian directors have been fired without notice and clear reasons.
Victor Nalishuwa, Zamtel Technical Director and Cludous Yambayamba, the director for fixed line operations were dismissed in the first week of March 2011. Sources at Zamtel have revealed that two foreigners are currently in the process of coming to replace the dismissed Zambians.
Wisdom Makabe, the Audit director, a Zambian was also dismissed and his job taken over by a Ugandan.
Sources complained that since LAP Green of Libya took over the operations of the company, Zambian workers have been reduced to slaves and casual workers. The Zambian workers are employed on casual basis every month.
More than 100 workers are on a monthly contract casual employment, say sources.
‘Jobs which are supposed to be done by Zambians are now being done by Ugandans either as full time employees or brought in as consultants and paid huge sums of money at the expense of Zambian workers,’ said one source.
Sources say the Zambian workers are working under intimidation as they are often threatened with dismissal even for minor mistakes.
Sources accuse Human Resource manager Eve Banda of being used as an instrument of oppression and harassment against her fellow Zambians. Eve Banda was working in Nigeria before coming back to Zambia to join Zamtel.
Sources are wondering why Zamtel can not emulate companies like ECOBANK, ACCESS Bank and Standard Chartered Bank which have a fully Zambian Management but are foreign owned companies.
Sources have further revealed that all supply contracts are now either going to Ugandans or other foreigners who are connected to the Managing Director Hans Paulsen. They revealed that even scratch cards are now printed in Uganda.
Efforts to get a comment from Paulsen failed as his secretary said he was busy on several occasions his office was phoned.

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