Zamtroop Reloaded under Lungu

Zamtroop Reloaded under Lungu


Many Zambians will recall the ZAMTROP account at Zanaco which was abused for personal expenditure and corruption by the late President Fred T J Chiluba. Years later, under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, what emerges is a Bank Account in the name of Cabinet Office VIP, Account No: 1996712300185 at Zanaco. Between 9th September 2015 and 11th November, ZMW 17, 358, 65 was deposited and between 10th September and 4th November a total amount of ZMW 16, 034, 261, 3 was spent. In addition to the $300, 000 spent on hiring a private jet to New York, the Lungu entourage spent ZMW 15, 682, 091 (at K14/ per $) in New York alone during the PF Fundraising Dinner Dance which coincided with the United Nations General Assembly.

The nature of expenses is sheer extravagance. Spending money at luxurious hotels, boat cruises, hiring of limousines costing over ZMW 700, 000 and shopping at luxury shops such as Bloomingdales and other shopping malls. Below are some of the items on which monies were spent.

  1. Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.17.54International Walking Tours/ International New York Tours (Sight seeing & guided tours):

TOTAL SPENT: ZMW 60, 206, 75

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.17.36

  1. Dinner Dance Cruises:

TOTAL SPENT: ZMW 23, 528, 44

  1. Innovation luggage:

TOTAL SPENT: ZMW 24, 724, 71

  1. Bloomingsdale shopping website:

TOTAL SPENT: ZMW 7, 087, 47

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.17.46

  1. International Mansion on Turtle Creek (Dallas):


TOTAL SPENT: ZMW 352, 170, 35

  1. Restaurant – international Food Emporium:



  1. International Premier Transportation (Limousine hire) :

TOTAL SPENT: ZMW 777, 652, 92

  1. International Jack’s place (Snug store featuring mobile phones, computers & accessories, plus repair services such as screen replacement):


TOTAL SPENT: ZMW 34, 247, 16

  1. Air Sea land shipping (is a multimodal transportation company specialized in providing a range of transportation and moving services to the Diplomatic Community, corporate transferees, individuals and government employees virtually to any destination in the world) :

 TOTAL SPENT: ZMW 731, 538, 37

  1. Emirates Airlines

TOTAL SPENT: ZMW 121, 429, 9

  1. Fund Transfers : ZMW 2, 428, 344, 8







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