Zanaco continues causing misery to customers

Ba Zambian watchdog please help us twachula naba zanaco.expose them!its too much of us missing money in our accounts.
What’s the meaning of visa maybe I don’t understand?yesterday morning I went to long acres barclays atm to with draw some money for ration in my house. Am banking with Zanaco but knowing its a visa I used the ATM nearest to my house,
I needed K6000 from my account I tried punching in K2000s the money didn’t come out. I tried 3 times and they had being deducting .
I left to a zanaco atm only to find I have 400 in my account after I checked my balance!
I visted a my zanaco branch only to be told it takes 21days, does it mean my family will feed on K400 till my money is returned?what nosense is this? what’s the use of visa?
Wriiten by annoyed zanaco customer.

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