Zanaco directors accused of receiving kickbacks from Bayport

Dear Editor.

Expose what is happening at Zanaco. Big bwanas at Zanaco HQ have recieved money big monies from Bayport. Governments failure to remit monies they deduct from civil servants forced Bayport to start deducting from the account of the civil servants. Now here is what happens. Civil servants are heavily loaded with salary advances from several institutions and have signed those direct deduct forms. Whenever its month end there is a battle between the civil servants and Finacial institutions on who gets to the money first.

Now here is what bayport has done.Their file runs first the moment salaries are in before any other file from any institution.. Its a huge file with a huge wage bill. This leaves other institutions with nothing to deduct. Money exchanged hands for this to be happening boss. Further… Zanaco system mobile banking or ATM services are temporarily down the moment the salaries hit the accounts.. This is done in order for the civil servants not to access there money until the Bayport File is done running. IT guys at Zanaco is got a huge chunk.

This is unfair both to the competing Finacial institutions and the civil servants.

Thank you.

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