Zanaco employee arrested for pregnancy fraud

Zanaco employee arrested for pregnancy fraud

ZANACO employee arrested for fraud after faking pregnancy

Anita Siamuzwe, an employee of ZANACO Xapid Branch, on Cairo Road was arrested and detained at Lusaka Central Police on Thursday, August 6, 2020 for obtaining about $2500.00 fraudulently. Allegations are that Ms. Siamuzwe faked a pregnancy and received the funds as maintenance while she was “pregnant” and subsequently when the Baby was born. But after going through medical tests to determine whether she was ever pregnant, tests results showed that she had never been pregnant in her lifetime.

In June of 2018, Ms. Siamuzwe informed a Mr. Wilfred Phiri, a Zambian born resident of the United Kingdom that she has missed her monthly cycle and gotten pregnant. She met Mr. Phiri on social media and their relationship resulted in him visiting Ms. Siamuzwe in Zambia. She sent him a home pregnant test result to confirm her status. He started sending money for her maintenance and nutritional needs for the Baby. He sent the money through Western Union. Ms. Siamuzwe sent back several photos of her at every stage of her (fake) pregnancy, photos which have been kept as evidence.

On March 6, 2019, Ms. Siamuzwe informed him of the birth of the child at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital. Upon hearing the good news, Mr. Phiri decided to visit Zambia to see her newly born “daughter“ which he had named, Miso Phiri. To his surprise, Ms. Siamuzwe asked him not to come. She explained that her two Uncles and Aunt had declared that he cannot see the Baby until he paid for Damages. She blocked every attempt at his efforts in coming to see his supposed child. The issue of gassing and COVID-19 epidemic worked to her advantage as she kept him from visiting Zambia.

In July of 2019, Ms. Siamuzwe informed him that she had decided to move on with her life. She told him that she was not interested in the relationship anymore. When he asked what will happen to the baby, Ms. Siamuzwe told him that the baby had fallen sick and died at Levy Hospital. Mr. Phiri demanded for hospital papers and evidence of her daughters death. In response, she said that she was in a grieving period and that he will get the paperwork when she recovers from her mourning. But according to Mr. Phiri, the papers never came. All their communication on WhatsApp media has been retained for evidence.

When he finally came to Zambia and asked for the paperwork from the hospital, Ms. Siamuzwe changed the story. She explained to him that she was under pressure from friends and relatives saying that he had abandoned her and that he will never come back to Zambia. Pressed to explain what happened to the baby, she had no answer.

Sensing that he was duped, Mr. Phiri went to Lusaka Central Police to make a report. The case was referred to Victim Support Unit (VSU) because there was a “child” involved. The VSU sent Ms. Siamuzwe to Sikanze Hospital for tests. Medical tests proved that it was a case of fraud. She had never been pregnant in her lifetime. At this time, Mr. Phiri went ahead to the Fraud Section and reported the matter.

Ms. Siamuzwe was arrested on August 6, 2020 and was detained at Lusaka Central Police Station.

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