‘ZANACO FC run by dictator’


I wish to add my voice to the Keagan Mumba vs Zanaco Saga. I am a Zanaco employee and an ardent supporter of Zanaco Football Club, I have been following with keen interest the way the affairs of this club are being managed by one dictator by the name of Edward Mutale. This authoritarian man has imposed himself on the club for the past nine years and he has unilaterally altered the constitution of Zanaco Fc to suits his selfish motives.

He has filled all elective positions in his so called three man executive by appointing his puppets who can not challenge him on any issue concerning the management of the club. He has banned elections and declared himself life president of the club, he threatens with dismissal whoever tries to bring up the issue of holding elections.

He is so scared to go for elections as he knows that he can be embarrassed by the outcome. This man has no interest in Zanaco FC apart from using it as a conduit to steal money from Zanaco.

Keagan, I feel for you my dear, this man is ruthless and heartless in all his dealings, he almost finished Wedson Nyirenda, but thank God Wedson realized and left before it was too late. Wedson started regretting leaving Zesco in his first week at Zanaco, all because of this man who is so full of himself and a mister know it all. This dictator started interfering with the selection of the team among the many things that upset Wedson. How I wish all the coaches can shun the Zanaco coaching job so that this man can be naturally forced out of the club, coaches should shun this Job as taking it will be at their peril.

In case there are people that don’t know this man, Edward Mutale is the Director of Finance at Zanaco who runs his department like an animal farm. Because of his authoritarian leadership style all qualified staff have left the department for other departments and he has only remained with unqualified puppets who can not detect how he is using Zanaco FC to steal money, this man is a thief and it’s just a matter of time before the long arm of justices catches up with him. It’s now public knowledge how this man used to steal with his late friend (mhsrip), surprisingly Exco has no guts to terminate this man’s contract.

Faz take responsibility and regulate the way your affiliate members clubs are managed, find out what is happening at Zanaco FC and find out why one man has been Chairman for close to ten years and the reason why Kegan has been suspended. It’s high time the Coaches Association of Zambia started protecting their members from such mistreatment from clubs like Zanaco.

By the way this is the man who funded the faction that was fight the great Kalu.

Disappointed Zanaco Fan and Employee.

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