ZANACO is in a mess


I refer to the article published in your publication attributed to the ceremonial veep of Zambia G Scott where he was quoted saying that Zanaco is doing better under this current management.

We employees of Zanaco disagree with this because what is happening now is that staffs above head of Department level are the only ones enjoying in the bank.

These guys are the only ones enjoying show room vehicles whilst we are languishing in .com vehicles.

These guys have already been paid their hefty gratuity and have been fraudulently put back on pension scheme.

Where on earth can you be retired and reengaged on pension?  This is a scandal which anti-corruption should investigate urgently. The Managing Director (MD) together with his team should be probed urgently.

it was only heads departments and directors and MD who gave themselves hefty increments last June,2012 whilst the unionised employees have not even received the increment for this year.

As for other management staff, we were given percentages between 1 and 4.

Where on earth can you survive on 1 per cent increment? But the top management were receiving as much as 24percent.

Like one lady who drives an Isuzu who is in Institutional Banking was given 24 per cent and yet she is a very dull head.

It’s Just because she has been dating bosses of Zanaco. We are ready to forward this info if Management denies this.

Top Management is now planning to merge our Salaries and allowances so that we cannot have access to loans because our debt ratio will not be able to be reached except for themselves who are already enjoying. Shame on these Chimangos,  Schoten, Mutale, Katowa.

These guys are also planning to abolish our pension scheme. Them, they have already gotten what is theirs from the bank they have nothing to lose.

Currently an employee contributes 10 percent of his salary whilst the employer contributes 20% of the employee’s salary. Their aim is to scrap off their contribution and leave the employees contribution alone.

They are also doing away with staff refreshment all in the name of saving costs. Heads of Departments have been tasked with responsibility of measuring sugar, milk and counting tea bags.

Surely with the above highlighted issues can one say all is well at the peoples’ bank?



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