Zanaco loans questioned

Dear editor,

Kindly hide my I.D.

We have just realized that through your page it is the only way that our problems could be addressed. In 2010 Zambia Sugar signed a scheme loan deal with Zanaco so that it’s employees could get loans upto to 48months repayment package. Sadly the reality on the ground is that, these loans people got are not moving at all. Can you imagine someone with a balance of K18,000 last year September according to their statements paying K1000 per month, but today a check on the latest statement indicates that the balance is K15,000. This is the cry most employees who got those scheme loans are facing. The story is that of the never ending loans. For some a 36 month loan is now hitting 45months still dedicating. Even if it is inflation TWAPENGA sure. Beware if you are looking upto ZANACO for that much needed LOAN to jack you up. We need a commission of enquiry to probe the mazabuka branch.

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