Zanaco, MTN, where is my airtime?

Kindly publish this for me so that our suffering citizenry might benefit from my plight. The below message is what I have sent repeatedly to their so called Customer Service without any respite.

ZANACO can contact me  on 0977825200.
On Friday 30,  2012 I bought talk time  K20, 000 using XAPIT Acct to MTN no 0966825200. Ref no 22YU2000.

To date no talk time has been received.

Frantic effort has been made through customer service 5000 to no avail but at a very high cost to me as we are being charged for recorded messages without any help coming forth  On two occasions when I got through nothing conclusive came out of it as am still waiting. I wonder how many of our citizens fall casualties of this fraudulent activity. Failure to hear from yourselves before cease work today I will seek guidance from Consumer Protection bodies before the message goes viral.


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