ZANEC to orient editors on early childhood issues

9.-Zambia-quiz-p12-webThe Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) believes that issues of early childhood care, development and education are very important and should be given prominence in the national media.

ZANEC is therefore engaging with the media in order to raise awareness of the role the subsector plays in national development.

ZANEC director Mirriam Chonya Chinyama says her organisation will orient media editors on Early Childhood Care, Development and Education (ECCDE) issues at a training seminar this week.

The seminar will endeavor to make editors understanding ECCDE and appreciate ECCDE, and Education for all as strategies for achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The seminar will also demonstrate the link between ECCDE and Poverty Reduction among other issues.

The Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) is a non political, non partisan and not-for-profit national education body established in May 2001 to coordinate the national efforts of education based non-state actors and education trade unions working in partnership with the Zambian Government and other stakeholders in the attainment of education for all.

ZANEC‘s mission is to promote access and participation, equity and quality Education for All (EFA) through advocacy, research and capacity building.

ZANEC has around 50 member organizations spread throughout the country. The core values of ZANEC include; universal right to education; equity and inclusiveness; non-partisanship; quality relevance and applicability of our work to existing demands; transparency and accountability; partnerships with others to achieve goals; respect for democratic principles; empowerment; and promotion of the spirit of volunteerism.

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