ZANEC urges candidates to state plans for education sector

Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) has appealed to presidential aspirants to articulate the issue of education as it is critical to the country’s economic growth.

Speaking to radio phoenix, ZANEC Vice President Hilary Chipango noted that politicians must be compelled to state what they plan to do for the education sector as it is the life blood of every nation.

Chipango said candidates should outline all programs that they will introduce to revamp the education sector as the current system needs to be improved.

He also said there is need for the early childhood policy to be implemented in all parts of the country so that the youth begin to learn various skills at a tender age.

Chipango further urged individuals vying for plot one to desist from mudslinging and character assassination, but focus on addressing issues concerning the education sector and how they will improve conditions of service for teachers and other employees in the system.

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