ZANIS begins showing MMD works in Kasama

The Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) is showing documentary films to residents of Kasama central ahead of the parliamentary bye-election.

President Banda

President Banda

The MMD last evening announced their candidate and the PF/UPND are expected to announce theirs today.

The Watchdog has been informed that the Ruling MMD has directed ZANIS  to show the documentary films which highlight development works done by the MMD in Northern province and other parts of the country.

The film are shown on giant TV screens praising the MMD government and will be showing until this moth-end.

A source told the Watchdog in Kasama that the MMD has decided that campaigning through films will be more effective in a rural setting than holding public rallies.

15 th October 2009, is the date set for the Kasama parliamentary bye-election.

The Zambia News and Information Services is a department of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services.  It came into being in 2005 following the merger of the Zambia News Agency (ZANA) and the Zambia Information Services (ZIS), as part of the restructuring exercise of the Zambia Public Service.
Like ZANA its predecessor, ZANIS reflects the Zambian development activities taking place around the country.

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