ZANIS boss reacts to MMD campaign accusations in Kasama

The Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) has refuted allegations that the department is showing government’s developmental documentaries as way of campaign for the ruling MMD candidate in the forth coming Kasama central by-elections.

ZANIS Director, Gilbert Maimbo says ZANIS as a department does not campaign for any candidate in elections but rather has a mandate to facilitate the exchange of information between government and the society.

Mr Maimbo explained that ZANIS as a public institution has a duty to sensitize communities on different topics ranging from Reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and voter education among other many programmes.

He stressed that currently ZANIS through its mobile video vans is showing routine programmes on various subjects country wide.

He noted that the accusations that the department is showing developmental activities in Kasama to campaign for the MMD candidate are baseless adding that Kasama is just one of the many areas were the routine shows are currently on going.

Mr Maimbo explained that ZANIS also has a mandate to reinforce government’s national developmental agenda which allows open debate and transparency in government and society as being crucial elements of development.

He added that this is why ZANIS as a public institution has the duty to show how government spends its budgetary allocation towards different projects in the country.

Meanwhile, the ZANIS Director has further disclosed that after the nomination day of the October 15th elections, the department will work closely with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) officers in Kasama to carry out voter sensitize programmes in the area.

Mr Maimbo stated that to this effect ZANIS in Kasama has suspended video shows on other subjects and concentrating on voter education related matters.

Mr Maimbo was clarifying to growing concerns that ZANIS videos shown in Kasama are meant to campaign for the ruling MMD and discredit other contesting candidates in Kasama central by-elections.

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