ZANIS: State House warns people claiming Sata is dead

President Michael Sata is saddened with the malicious, sadistic and unfounded story which is circulating that the head of state has died.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relation George Chellah told ZANIS in a press statement in Lusaka today that State House is saddened with the publication of an insensible and sickening article by a named uncouth website claiming that the Head of State was assassinated in the early hours of today.

Mr. Chellah stated that as a matter of fact, State House is aware that such horrid stories are being perpetuated by people who are currently being investigated for misconduct and corruption scandals.

He alleged that people behind this are being aided in the attempt to create panic and despondency in among the people by another cluster of
frustrated politicians, whom he said cannot stomach the reality of losing an election.

He added that the Presidency is wide awake to this political campaign and has ordered the state security wings to straight away bring the perpetrators of such evil acts to book.

“In the past, the President tolerated akin stories and dismissed them politely but now that he has the mandate of the Zambian people to govern and a development agenda to fulfill; we will let the state security wings chat the way forward on this and any related matters in order to safeguard and preserve the peace this country has enjoyed over a long period of time,” said Mr. Chellah.

Mr. Chellah further said the President has cautioned those behind what he described as inhumane stories circulating in the country, especially on the internet to stop.


EDITOR’S NOTE: If any one knows the link to the website where this story was published, kindly tell us as State House did not say which website it is and a check on all known Zambian websites could not find the article.

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