Zawa chair accusses director of leaking data to Watchdog

Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board chairperson Guy Robinson has accused the authority’s director general Zane Vlahakis of leaking confidential information to the Zambian Watchdog, a ZAWA board member has said.
A board member revealed that during a aboard meeting held last Wednesday (June 26) Robinson accused Vlahakis of leaking confidential information to this publication citing a letter dated June 13 in which some workers complained of irregularities at the authority.
The letter under the headline irregularities at ZAWA and addressed to Anti Corruption Commission director general Rosewin Wandi was published on this site on June 14.
“Robinson went for the DG; he has accused him of leaking confidential information to you. He thinks Vlahakis is the one that released the letter you people. He wants Vlahakis removed as he is not comfortable with the negative publicity that he is getting over ZAWA issues,” the board member said.
The source however said that Vlahakis was not moved as he has the backing of Masebo. Vlahakis, just like the board members were appointed by Masebo and so the director general still feels he is at the same level with the board members.
“Vlahakis was appointed by Masebo and so he doesn’t really care about the board members. In fact Robinson should be careful; it may be him to leave ZAWA and not Vlahakis. I see a situation where he may be fired as things have really gone bad in ZAWA. Poaching is on the rise and people have gone without salaries for months now,” he said.

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