ZAWA chairperson brings business partner in board meeting

Dear Editor,

ZAWA has hardly been out of the news limelight in the last one year or so. The question one would ask is, “Is this a coincidence or its symptomatic of deep underlying mismanagement?” Just a few days ago there was an article regarding statements by the board Chairman, Mr G Robinson suggesting that one of the ZAWA Director General Mr Vlahakis was the source of briefings to The ZambianWatchDog. Looks like the board chairman is now suspecting everyone on his board as being against his regime. Such insecurities can only result from circumstances where people are not comfortable with certain issues. Has Mr Robinson ever questioned his modus operandii aside from how he got the appointment?

Of the many strange board decisions bulldozed by Mr Robinson, let us revisit for instance the ZAWA board meeting that was held on Saturday 1st June, 2013. Among those in attendance was Dr I Parsons, a none ZAWA board member but a director of a veterinary clinic, a practice that provides services to Mr Robinson’s Kushiya diary farm.  On that substantive date, one of the matters under discussion under the chair’s directive was the termination of an ongoing valid contract between ZAWA and a Zambian company for the capture and translocation of wild game (I have deliberately withheld the names of the concerned entities). This contract was won through an open tender and unfortunately, if the cancellation materializes (despite the legal and financial repercussions) the proposed company to take over the contract is being single sourced. What is worrisome and irregular is the fact that this company has never had interest in the past in doing any of the game capture and relocation for ZAWA and has never at any time submitted any tenders when ZAWA has advertised for this work. With this record against the company, does one believe that the contract is being terminated in good faith? Why the interest now if it weren’t for the fact that one of its directors is a friend of ZAWA’s board chairman? Were it a level playing field why didn’t Dr I Parsons recuse himself from the discussions given his interests/ties with the attempted single sourcing of Dr I Parsons’ company?

This has been brought to light so that Mr Robinson shouldn’t try and victimize ZAWA board members or the Director General Mr Vlahakis when there are so many irregularities bordering on corruption with the way business is being handled by ZAWA under the stewardship of Mr Robinson. It is my hope that the affected wild game capturing company that is being disadvantaged by these under hand machinations will seek legal advice and claim for compensation. That way Mr Robinson will learn that cronyism does not pay. And to the powers that be, if you were really interested in the happenings at ZAWA, you carry out your own investigations.

If specific details are needed I will provide them as I know the details first hand. It’s not right for the employees of the disadvantaged company as they have families to sustain. We should learn to do things the right way, and should be above board.

Concerned Zambian,

Name Withheld

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