ZAWA chairperson to give acting director full time job to shut him up

Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board chairperson Guy Robinson and his vice Timothy Mushibwe plan to give acting director general Zane Vlahakis a three-year contract so as to silence him from leaking confidential information to the Zambian Watchdog, a ZAWA board member has disclosed.

The contract is likely yto be signed today Friday July 19, 2013.

The decision by the two is without the approval of the entire board, the source said. He said that as a result of the pending appointment of Vlahakis, workers at ZAWA might go on countrywide strikes owing to the poor working culture of Vlahakis.

“You can imaging, as a board we have not approved the appointment of Vlahakis but Robinson and Musibwe are in the process of giving him a three year contract which the rest of us should just come and endorse. The two think once appointed, Vlahakis will stop leaking information to you guys,” said the source.

 The source said that currently staff at ZAWA was demotivated and predicted that it would be worse if Vlahakis is given more years. The source said that staff at ZAWA feels that Vlahakis should be retired as he had previously worked as Permanent Secretary at the ministry of Tourism before he was retired.

“The only reason that Robinson and Mushibwe want is for Vlahakis to stop leaking information and be giving contracts to friends the way the gave Ian Parson a contract for translocation of animals to Mosi-otunya park in Livingstone,” said the source

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