ZAWA Officers beating Chongwe villagers, robbing them

ZAWA Officers beating Chongwe villagers, robbing them

Dear ZW
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Kindly air this for us here in Chongwe, Rufunsa District in Namanongo area particularly some few kilometers South East of Kanyetu Village.

Some where in June this year some fisher men discovered some gold deposits along Chongwe river around Namanongo area. This triggered some illegal mining activities which has been going on since then!

Due to some economic hardships and poverty levels in some parts of the country, people have been flocking to the area as far as Northen, East and Western parts to the area.

But when ZAWA heard of the development they began to send their game rangers to disrupt the illegal miners! But what is shocking is whether the game Rangers where instructed to beat and confiscate things from the illegal miners by their bosses or not.

There was an operation yesterday on Sunday which started at four roads area where people were being harassed as though they were criminals.

No one was spared, the old or young either women or men, people were hurt by about 8 game Rangers some who were armed. The illegal miners were being forced to be searched and robbed of their income. A buyer was robbed of up to K30,000.

My brother was robbed off about K5000 and the people were more than 300 all of whom had their goods destroyed or taken by the same game Rangers.

As I write there are reports of some people who sustained fractures in the process of being kicked with heavy boots and back of rifleguns.

Our worry is the torturing of the people like slaves and having their money and goods taken off some being left stranded without transport back to their places.

Please if ZAWA did not instruct to beat and confiscate money and goods from the illegal miners who were just trying to find a living by the those game Rangers, then something must be done to help recover the stollen goods.

The ZAWA guys could have just come and displace the people peacefully than torturing them like slaves in their own village or nation plus confiscating their money!

Questions we ask: will those 8 game Rangers remit the money to the government they got or what? In reality those guys walked away with something above K500000!

Awe mwandi it’s tough. My brother is complaining of his backbone.

Why can’t the government come in to give the people a period of time to mine so as to cushion hunger in the area which have been affected by climate change? As we speak people in the area so far has received poor rainfall and there is no future in farming! Many people had been helped by mining and resort to buy mealie meal costing about K180 in the area!

Awe yalikosa bane and the people are frustrated with PF! Come 2021 miracles will happen here!!

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