ZAWA officials fired on accusation of aiding Masebo tribunal petitioners

ZAWA officials fired on accusation of aiding Masebo tribunal petitioners

PicsArt_1396093388920As earlier reported, three Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) employees have been fired at the instructions of ceremonial Vice President Guy Scot.

According to one of the letters of dismissal captured from some government official’s office by the Zambian Watchdog, the three have been fired without notice.

According to a source within ZAWA, the three have been accused of giving information to former communication and transport Minister William Harrington who had petitioned Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to set up a tribunal to investigate former Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo for breach of Ministerial Code of Conduct when she dissolved the ZAWA board and dismissed senior managers.

“They are suspecting that they are the ones who have been helping Harrington with information but they are not the ones. Harrington has his own way of gathering information,” the source said.

The source named the three dismissed employees as Leah Chisha an Administrative Officer, Andrew Phiri the Game Management Areas (GMA) Manager and Vivian Sayiwana.

The source said it is very clear that if the three sue ZAWA in the Industrial Relations Court, they will win their cases especially Leah Chisha who was employed a long tome when ZAWA was still called Department of National Parks meaning she is a pensionable employee.

“Government will continue losing money through ZAWA. People like Leah Chisha were a pensionable employee because she joined before the creation of ZAWA but they have dismissed her as if she was on contract. She had no contract with ZAWA, the best they could have done was to retire her not to terminate her contract, which contract?”

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