ZAWA police officers arrested for demanding better pay

Zambia Wildlife (ZAWA) officers at Lusaka National Park have been arrested for demanding better pay.

The Zawa officers were given suspension letters and chased from the Park but as they were about to start going home, they were rounded up by armed Zambia police officers.

They have been taken to Woodlands police station.

The only crime the officers have committed is to go on strike demanding improved condition of services, especially salaries.

Wildlife Police Officer gets a gross pay of K1, 750 per month, before deductions.

But in their usual brutal, inconsiderate manner, the PF government has responded fighting the Zawa officers.

Officers complained that despite working hard and in dangerous assignments of fighting with poachers, they are not considered to be important.

Zawa officers complain that even when some civil servants received meagre salary increments, Zawa officers were left out.

Before she was fired, former Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo assured the Officers that in January 2014 their salaries would be increased be it was bufi as per PF philosophy.

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