ZAWA scandals: Harrington writes to chief Justice seeking tribunal against Masebo

ZAWA scandals: Harrington writes to chief Justice seeking tribunal against Masebo

scan 1Former Communication scan 2andTransport minister William Harrington has written and submitted a letter to the Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda asking her to appoint a tribunal to investigate toursim minister Sylvia Masebo.

Harrington, in his letter to the Chief Justice, requests that a tribunal be set up to investigate various media allegations to the effect that Masebo breached the Public Procurement Agency Act by interfering in the tender process when she cancelled duly awarded concession licenses by ZAWA .

Harrington said the tribunal should investigate media allegations of interference and abuse of office by the  Masebo in the tender process where she ordered the withdrawal and non-publication of the list of successful bidders for hunting concession licences and cancellation of tender processes in breach of the Zambia Public Procurement Agency (ZPPA) Act of number 12 of 2008 as quoted in the Sunday Nation of January 6, this year.

The other allegation being the appointing of a committee to prepare her own bidding document in breach of the ZPPA Act, which was also published in the Sunday Nation of January 6, this year.

Mr Harrington also called for investigations into media allegations of abuse of office and breach of contracts and the Parliamentary and Ministerial Code of Conduct Act Part II Section 3 (c) on the part of Ms Masebo, when she dismissed senior ZAWA management officials being public officers from employment on allegations of corruption in the hunting concession licences tender process.

Mr Harrington quoted the Post Newspaper of January 3, this year, the Times of Zambia and the Post Newspaper of December 31, last year, respectively and the Times of Zambia of January 2, this year.

He called for investigations in media allegations of the breach of the ZAWA Act by the Minister when she issued a verbal instruction to ZAWA officers to hunt wildlife without issuing Special Licence and allegations of irregularities and corruption by ZAWA management in the handling of tender for hunting concession licences as quoted in the Times of Zambia of December 31, last year.

Mr Harrington also said Ms Masebo should be investigated on whether procedure was followed in the banning of hunting.

“Investigate media reports that the Minister is in breach of State security by failing and/or neglecting to report to Government security wings that foreign registered aircraft are violating Zambian airspace to uplift, out of Zambia some wildlife species or Government trophy as reported in the POST newspaper of January 3, 2013 and the Daily Nation of January 4, 2013,” Mr Harrington said.

He said the tribunal should also recommend to Government appropriate administrative action based on the findings of the investigations as provided under the Parliamentary and Ministerial Code of Conduct Act.


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