ZAWA workers cheated

Dear editor

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I write to inform the nation that there is  Massive corruption and serious abrogation of the law by the Government in the Transformation of ZAWA to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW);
Firstly a lot of officers have been demoted while being tranfered to DNPW. However, the new Zambia Wildlife Act of 2015  protected all pensionable and permanent employees against such conduct by the Government. In the Second Schedule 4(2) of the Zambia Wildlife Act it states that
”Where an employee of the Authority is appointed to the Department, the terms and conditions of service with the Department shall not be less favorable than those the employee enjoyed with the Authority.’
i know more than 20 officers, some who held management positions, despite having the correct qualifications being demoted, some to the lowest ranks in the department as patrol men.
Secondly: in the last 4 days, i have seen 10 people who have reported for work with letters stating that they have been transferred from the ZAWA to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife. However, these people have never worked in ZAWA, new bogus files are being opened for them and despite them not working, they got their January salaries. Which ZAWA did they come from when their personnel files do not exist. The Human Resource Manager at the MTA is aware of this issue and is quiet probably because these new people are his relatives.
Thirdly: Our letters state that we have been transferred from ZAWA to DNPW. why do they also state that we are on six months probation? why should they put us on probation if we have been transferred?. We we new civil servants the government should pay us our leave days. We have been told that this will not be done. Does that mean all our leave days we have accumulated for 15 years will be forfeited?
Fourth: The Salary grades that have been given to the Wildlife Police Officers PSS15 is no longer been used in the security services, the lowest pay grade in Police is PSS12, if the Government aligned salaries in the security services, why is the same government trashing its decision. It seems the Government is going 2 steps forwards a
why is the Government trashing the law with such impunity? is the Minister of Tourism and Arts Aware of all these underhand dealings?
Concerned officer

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