ZAWA workers go 3 months without salaries

Workers at the Zambia World Life Authority (ZAWA) have gone three months without salaries and there are no signs that they will get their July salaries.

Sources from the ZAWA head office in Chilanga have told the Watchdog that the organization has run short of funds due to mismanagement and gross PF aligned board interference.

Earlier this year the Watchdog exposed a scam in which some ZAWA board members and directors had paid themselves huge sums of money as gratuity.

Shortly after the financial scam, the game scouts boycotted work in order to press government to pay them their wages and also to press for an increment but in response government sent a battalion of policemen who apprehended the scouts.

The source further says that Tourism minister Jean Kapata is now relying on the ministry of finance to give money to the organization to pay this month’s salaries and possibly the arrears.


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