Zawa workers happy Vlahakis has been fired

Most Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) employees, Community Resource Board (CRB) officers and traditional leaders have welcomed the sacking of ZAWA acting director general Xen Vlahakis by new minister Jean Kapata.

Vlahakis’ contract was not renewed eafter it expired on April 21, a move that has elated many as they felt he was a mole for Masebo.

Despite President Michael Sata sacking Masebo, Vlahakis still remained loyal to the former minister and her chief advisor Yosuf Zumla who also runs Eastern Safaris.

“There was jubilation at the ZAWA offices when we heard that Vlahakis is gone. I hear people in villages like leaders of CRBs were equally happy because many of us had a feeling that Vlahakis was brought in ZAWA by Masebo and everything he was doing was for Masebo and Zumla. By the way you know Zumla is also close to Guy Scott,” said the source.

When Zumla heard that Vlahakis had been fired, he again cried-becoming the second time in a space of a month that the man has cried openly.

At the sacking of Masebo, Zumla cried saying the President should had spared the former minister. The source said when the ZAWA board was dissolved by Kapata, Zumla fought hard not to cry as people in the tourism industry were now beginning to call him “ baby Zumla” because of the manner he cries when his allies are dropped.

“This is the same Zumla who cried when Masebo was fired, and he cried like a baby when he heard that Vlahakis has been fired. This man cries like a baby despite his old age but all in all as worker of ZAWA we are happy with our new minister ,” said the source.

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