ZCC can’t intervene in fluctuating commodity prices’

The Zambia Competition Commission (ZCC) says it has no role to play on the fluctuating prices of commodities on the market.

ZCC Director Thula Kaira says although the Commission is aware of the upward adjustment of prices of essential goods such as food stuffs especially during this festive season, it has no mandate to intervene.

Mr. Kaira told ZANIS In an interview IN Lusaka today that the Commission will play a spectator role in persuading traders not to hike the prices during the Christmas and New Year period.

He explained that that by law, traders have an obligation to determine the prices of their goods adding that no-one is allowed to challenge their pricing once a decision has been made.

Mr. Kaira said there was no need for traders to take advantage of the coming festive season to exploit the consumers by exorbitantly raising the prices of their goods and services.

During the festive season the country experiences a sharp rise of goods and services a situation that leaves consumers badly exploited.
This mainly arises from the belief by traders that all workers receive some Christmas bonuses to spend with their families during the festive season.

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