ZCC welcomes production of cement in Ndola

The Zambia Competition Commission (ZCC) says the commencement of cement-production by Zambezi Portland in Ndola is welcome.

Zambezi Portland recently announced that it has began producing cement at its Ndola plant.

“The development will not only provide increased supply of alternative cement but also help create a competitive environment on the Zambian market. A competitive cement market will entail cheaper prices for the commodity and more choice for the consumer”, said ZCC spokesperson Vaida Bunda in an emailed statement to the Watchdog.

And ZCC Executive Director, Thula Kaira has commended Zambezi Portland on the commencement of production of cement.

Kaira said the competition which will be provided by the new plant is likely to enhance competitive pricing, better bargaining power by some distributors and a steady supply of cement to the growing construction market in Zambia.

“We have always advocated for entry of more players in the cement sector. The rivalry that competition brings about is what changes the strategic and innovative focus of market players in the economy as well as afford consumers to have the best deal from the market”, he said.

The current demand for the commodity has led to shortages of cement in some cases and ZCC hopes that with increased production by the new cement plant, such shortages will be curtailed.

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