ZCCM-IH CEO Pius Kasolo fired

Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings -ZCCM IH Chief Executive Officer Pius Kasolo has been fired.
Minister of Mines Richard Musukwa has told the media Friday morning at State House that the ZCCM IH Board has decided to terminate the contract of Dr. Kasolo.
Dr. Kasolo had early this week told the media that the 2019 planned mining taxes would impact negatively on ZCCM-IH which holds shares on behalf of government in the mining companies.
He had stressed that the new taxes would affect investments and production of the mines and called for urgent need to resolve issues as this could have an impact on dividends paid to the holding company.
But Musukwa argued shortly after announcing Kasolo’s dismissal and pointed out that ZCCM-IH will not be affected by the new tax regime and further boasted that some companies are planning to pump more money in new mining projects.


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    ngana 2 weeks ago

    Kasolo was a schemer, he was resisting the new taxes on behalf of the white guys, boers and the Rhodes group. He was compromised by the owners of the mines. Remember that mines are our largest exchange earner, we need to benefit through proper taxes

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    Zambian 3 weeks ago

    I don’t agree.
    This man has brought us some returns from the mines and also held them accountable for their wrong doings in terms of shareholding held by ZCCM-IH on behalf of Zambians. He also invested in other ventures like the cement company on the way.
    He was well educated, exposed and confident. He could not be intimidated easily by muzungu.

    I personally think the he was not playing ball with the self benefiting instructions from the Minister of Mines so he found an excuse to have him fired. The Minister did this to the satisfaction of the mines which were held accountable for our shares by Kasolo.
    They tried to have him fired sometime back saying he had presidential ambitions, which failed miserable so now they took this opportunity.

    I’m sure he also convinced the president regarding the same. I just hope the person taking over will not be intimidated by Muzungu.

    Or maybe re instate him.

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    Good riddance. The most useless person I have ever made

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    Laurel ngoma 3 weeks ago


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    Kabwalala 3 weeks ago

    THE BEST NEWS OF 2019!!!