ZCID alarmed by continued harassment of opposition

The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) says it is alarmed by the continued harassment of political leaders by police especially that they are particularly targeting the opposition.

ZCID director Horrance Chilando saysthe arrest of MMD President Nevers Mumba and others for meeting Chief Nkana is particularly saddening.

He the people of Zambia have repeatedly complained about the misuse of the law to settle political scores and that it is needless to point out that Zambia is a democracy in which fundamental rights of its citizens are supposed to be protected.

He said ZCID is concerned that recent trends do not show a positive move towards democratic consolidation and if not checked this trend may negate all the achievements we have so far scored as a nation.

‘We wish, therefore, to condemn the arrest and continued harassment of our political leaders under the pretext of maintaining law and order.

‘We wish to urge the police command to act professionally and exercise correct moral judgement when coming up with such decisions.

Such acts should not have a place in a democratic nation.  While we appreciate the crucial role that our security wings play in ensuring peace and security, however, this should be done within the ambits of democratic practice and respect for people’s rights,’ he said.

Chilando called upon all defenders of democracy to stand against this deliberate assault on our democracy.

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