ZCID can not lead HH, Lungu dialogue

We understand the so called dialogue between UPND leader Hakainde Hichileme and leader of the PF Edgar Lungu will now be led by some useless organisation called Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue (ZCID).

The dialogue was initiated by the Commonwealth which has to that effect appointed a special envoy professor Ibrahim Gambari.

Professor Gambari and his team have been frequenting Zambia and meeting the main players in the intended dialogue.

Suddenly, there is an announcement that ZCID has been appointed to spearhead the dialogue while Prof Gambari would assume a facilitation role.

As far as we can see, the Commonwealth has strategically withdrawn from this process. We suspect they have realised that the differences between HH and Lungu are irreconcilable.
Now, why would the UPND sit in a ‘dialogue’ whose arbiter is part and parcel of the enemy? Who doesn’t know that Monica Kanjimana, the current head of ZCID is not just a PF cadre but is on PF payroll? Why do you think the PF is excited to have Kanjimanga lead the dialogue?

We shall substantiate.
When HH visited South Africa and gave a speech there detailing dictatorship in Zambia, the PF lined up their cadres to condemn him for saying the truth. Shockingly, one of the cadres paraded was ZCID director Monica Kanjimana
This is what Monica Kanjimanga said:
“It’s very sad that Mr. Hichilema decided to go abroad to denounce the Judiciary instead of airing his grievances through established channels in Zambia. We are very disappointed that the opposition leader, who was barely three days ago at church promising to dialogue and promote reconciliation, decided to go to another country to say the opposite. We are strongly opposed to his behaviour of disparaging state institutions, especially using international media platforms. Our leaders should learn to use home-grown solutions for their problems. Mr. Hichilema should have quietly confided in various stakeholders here in Zambia before going abroad. He must have confidence in our state institutions.”
So this is the person who will chair the dialogue and HH is expected to sit in that meeting? Then HH is a fool.
When MMD leader Nevers Mumba wrote to ZCID to stop dealing with Felix Mutati’s faction of the MMD, Kajimanga went to the media to denounce Dr Mumba. She said ZCID recognizes Felix Mutati as the president of MMD and not Dr Mumba. Mutati is the minister of finance in the PF regime. Now how can a person who is so patently against the opposition preside over dialogue? Can she be neutral or her role will be to advance the PF agenda by trying to bully the opposition leader into agreeing with whatever she and State House will come up with?

UPND should demand to have a neutral person chair the dialogue or just continue with their card renewal programme.

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