ZCID condemns police in the strongest terms



The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) wishes to express its concern over the brutal manner in which the police handled a peaceful demonstration by unarmed members of the opposition United Party for National Development. The violence exhibited by the police towards unarmed citizens was not only uncalled for but also excessive. The Zambian Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to expression. It is not debatable in all progressive democracies that peaceful demonstrations are an acceptable mode of expression. The police in this case must not make it a habit to stifle people’s rights with impunity and arrogance.

The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue wishes to urge the police command to act professionally within the confines of the law in a democratic environment. We therefore condemn in the strongest terms the brutalisation of innocent citizens whose only was wish to express themselves over a matter they considered very cardinal and of national importance.

We further urge the government to provide the necessary leadership to the overzealous police command to avoid giving the impression that they were condoning police lawlessness.

We urge our membership to remain calm as we explore avenues of dealing with this and other issues currently affecting our nation. We will continue to advocate and pray for continued peace in our land.

God bless Zambia.  

Issued by

Mrs Jane Mkalipi

Acting Spokesperson 

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