ZCTU tells PF to stop subsidising soldiers as well

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) says government should extend the removal of subsidies on beer and free accommodation offered to officers in the Zambia Army.

Adding its voice on government’s decision to remove fuel and maize subsidies, the ZCTU argues that the move should not only affect workers in the private and public service sectors.

ZCTU General Secretary Roy Mwaba said in Ndola today that government should stop subsidizing  officers in the Zambia Army so that an equal situation is created for all Zambians.

The ZCTU General Secretary was speaking during a sensitization workshop for youths on Unionism under the theme  “Giving skills to the youths in Unionism” held in Ndola today.

Mr Mwaba said government’s decision to remove fuel and maize subsidies is however a right move as it will help government raise more resources.

He however noted that  the decision should not affect public service workers alone.

Mr Mwaba added that although government wants to raise more money through the removal of fuel and maize subsidies the situation has negatively impacted the public service workers.                                                

He explained that the 2013 conditions of service for public service workers have already been  negotiated and concluded but that implementation has not yet been done noting that with the recent removal of fuel and maize subsidies this will impact the civil servants negatively as their new salaries are already consumed by the new measures.

Mr Mwaba said government should treat workers equally by ensuring that all subsidies are removed adding that army officers are still enjoying subsidies on beer and have free accommodation.

Mr Mwaba said consultation should be done before implementation in order to have a win-win situation for all citizens.

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