ZCTU urges unions to work with govt to improve employee conditions

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Secretary General Roy Mwaba has said it is the duty of all unions in the country to work with the government of the day as they fight for the plight of the employees they represent.

Speaking on   Radio Christian Voice chat back program, Mwaba noted that there is nothing wit wrong with unions supporting those in power, but what is unacceptable is opposing the government or holding positions in the regime.

He said there is need for unions to collaborate with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the church so that they are strengthened to deliver better services to the people.

Mwaba said ZCTU must coexist with political parties and all unions with citizens who have divergent views so that together they can improve the conditions of service of all workers in the country.

Meanwhile, ZCTU Director of Public Affairs Martin Chembe said the speed at which the current regime is addressing the plight of workers must be applauded by all labor movements in the nation.

Chembe said the government has shown willingness to work with unions and improve the conditions of service as the President has already ordered the ministry of labor to revise the minimum wage for employees across the country.

The ZCTU Director also disclosed that he is confident that the government under President Michael Sata will deliver what workers rightfully deserve to improve their livelihood and in turn foster development in the country.

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