ZDA arrogance forces investor to withdraw

From: Stephen West – CTL [mailto:smwest@concepttec.net]
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 1:22 PM
To: Florence Mumba
Subject: re Agricultural project
Importance: High

Dear Florence,

I am writing to advise you that CTL, Braddell Limited and The West Group are totaling withdrawing from any investment and development programs in Zambia as of this week. This has come about as a result of ZDA personnel attacking the integrity of our company groups and accused Steele West that our companies were coming Zambia to:

  1. Steal your land.
  2. Not pay Tax
  3. Put Zambia in debt
  4. that we were no better than the parties associated to KCM and more.

I find this embarrassing and total unjust and clearly as he head of our companies I have instructed that all further works with respect to Zambia cease forthwith.

Both Dianne West and I were supposed to be present at the workshop in Zambia that we ran this week, however due to an unforeseen event we were delayed in coming to Zambia. I am glad this was the case and that in particular Dianne was not subjected such appalling, disgusting and total unprofessional behavior.

If anyone who is associated to the Government and or Government Departments that behave like this, then simply you will only attract investors in Zambia that fits the level and behavior of these people.

We accept now that we have wasted several million dollars on this exercise inclusive of reaching and MOU with the Zambian Government to advance this project. We will be writing to the Government and advising that we will now withdraw from that MOU and outline why.

I am extremely disappointed that this as been the outcome.


Stephen West




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