ZDDM says HH just amplified what Kabimba told the nation

Press Statement
We would like to urge people joining hands with the ruling Patriotic Front in assaulting United Party for National Development Hikainde Hichilema to spare him. The man was just playing a whistle Blower. He did nothing wrong in expressing concerned over the alliance the ruling party entered with the Sudanese ruling party. The story which was carried in the Post Newspaper of 5th May 2012 did not give enough information regarding the new found alliance.
We do know that a memorandum of understanding was signed between the ruling party in Zambia and the Sudanese ruling party. According to the story in the Post Newspaper of May 5th 2012, among other things the two parties agreed was to do was to defend each other from internal and external enemies. We have no problem with Sudan cooperating with Zambia in the areas of agriculture, education, mining, health and education.  All what Mr. Hichilema wanted to know is the nature of protection the two countries will give each other against internal and external enemies.
As far as we are concerned, Zambia has no internal enemies which can force the ruling party to seek help from another country. We just graduated from an election where the opposition political party is generally believed to have won the election and the handover was very peaceful.
The idea of the ruling party entering into agreement with the ruling party of another country for the purpose of among other things to protect itself from internal enemies is not a very good one. It gives leaders in the opposition political parties’ sleepless nights of thinking and wondering who could be an internal enemy the ruling party is talking about.
We are also aware that the party that form government in Sudan is at war with the major opposition political parties based in the South and they just gain independence not long ago. We can speculate that, the internal enemies the Sudanese ruling party is referring to are the opposition political based in the southern party of Sudan that have for many years have struggles for self emancipation. The spirited fight the Sudanese government has made against these enemies has earned its president sanctions and its president is wanted by the International Court of Justice to answers charges related to crimes against humanity.
Zambia has entered into many agreements with countries across the global on various things including governance, development, education, health but this is the first time when we have heard the ruling party in Zambia seeking foreign help against internal enemies which we don’t have. We are a peaceful people that have lived in unity for the past 48 years. The world around us long for the day when they will live to enjoy peace we have enjoyed as a nation.
The best thing the police could do is summon Mr. Kabimba, Secretary General of the Patriotic Front for questioning. Let him explain who the internal enemies are in Zambia he wants the Sudanese ruling party help the ruling PF sort out? Let them also find out why only PF cadres will be privileged to go to Sudan when in the past the relationships Zambia has entered with other countries have been Zambian youths. He is the one who signed an agreement with the ruling party of Sudan whereby the two political parties agreed to support each against from internal and external enemies. Let him explain what he had in mind when he entered into that agreement with a country that is at war within. Thereafter, depending on the outcome of the interview they will get from Mr. Kabimba representing the ruling party, they can summon Mr. Hichilema and tell him sir you laid.
As for defaming the president, we leave it to fate. God knows that if all the president we have in the past were to be protected, President Sata should have been graduating from prison now. It was Mr. Sata who called late president Levy Mwanawasa a cabbage while the immediate past president Rupiah Banda was called fake meat (Nyama-soya.” We wondered why the police could not cause the arrest of then the opposition political leader Mr, Sata when defamed former heads of states. We urge the police to be on a look out not to be used as a political tool of oppression by the ruling party.
Edwin Sakala,
National cordinator,
Zambia Direct Democracy Movement

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