Zed Farmer only borrowed $4000 from Omnia which overdosed crops

Zed Farmer only borrowed $4000 from Omnia which overdosed crops

Details have emerged that Zed Farmer Maria Zaloumis only borrowed $4000 worthy of fertiliser from Omnia Zambia but the South Africans who rum Omnia imposed $7000 interest.

And the Watchdog has discovered that Omnia double-dosed Zed Farmers’s crops by putting double the dose of nitrogen. The double dose caused a terrible out break of bacterial spec a tomato disease on Tuzini farms.

But when Zaloumis went to complain to Omnia, Omnia boss Mark Tindle called her ‘a useless kaffar’ who will never succeed in agriculture.

Due to the double dosing by Omnia, Zed farmer lost seven hectares of crops. Alarmed by the disease in the tomatoes, Zed Farmer sent leaves for testing to a lab in South Africa. The lab requested the fertilizer programme after which they confirmed that the plants contained excessive nitrogen.

When Zed farmer engaged Omnia, they sent two agronomists to the farm and confirmed their mistake but refused to put it in writing.

According to sources within Omnia, Omnia had initially wanted to grab the title deeds for Tuzini as guarantee for the fertilizers they were collecting on credit, but Zaloumis refused.

According to Sources in Omnia, The agronomist who double dosed the crops is Cuan Smith. According to other sources in the agriculture industry, Omnia deliberately targets successful Zambian farmers to make them fail by overdosing their crops.

‘Their strategy is to sell more fertilizers to make money, so double dose the fields,’ said one person.

After her crops were deliberately overdosed by Omnia, Zaloumis followed the advice of the lab in South Africa and put the crops on half the dosage recommended by Omnia and the crops started doing fine with the same Omnia fertiliser but after half the dose.

Omnia fertiliser has sued Zaloumis for allegedly failing to pay $11, 000 worthy of fertiliser.

According to insiders, Zaloumis has not failed to pay but has refused to pay exorbitant interest and is not happy that Omnia deliberately overdosed her crops.

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