‘Zero option ploys and tactics revived’

‘Zero option ploys and tactics revived’



Do you remember the ZERO Option cases of 1993 leveled against UNIP members which resulted in the arrest of among others Rupiah Banda and the shooting of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.

You will recall that Michael Sata was a key member of the MMD at that time. This strategy of harassing political opponents has been revived. And now that Sata an ex-policeman is in charge, he will use all his presidential powers to implement this strategy.

Late Frederick Chiluba and Xavier Chungu effectively used this method between 1991 and 2001. Sata as national Secretary implemented the ideas from these mentors.

Why the harassment of Political opponents?

The strategy is to instill fear so that the PF has an upper hand in Parliament.

PF is a minority party with a total of 68 parliamentarians  against  a total of 88 for the opposition.

Also noticed that the Police have since seized motor vehicles and bicycles from the MMD when there are bye-elections on 28 November. The aim is to completely weaken the MMD.

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