Zesco boss forced to take back his words

Laura Miti writes

Poor Mundende

Making Victor Mundende, the Zesco MD, go on radio to state that a politically inconvenient fact he stated is not true, is exactly why Zambia is such a mess.

It is not that technocrats do not know what to do. They are bullied & humiliated by a PF that cares only about its tattered image.

Right now, all Mudende’s juniors know that their boss was made to unsay what they all know to be true. The PF does not care what that does to the insides of an individual.

Goodness, we all know that our crisis level loadshedding is the result of poor planning. And of Zesco being used as a cash cow by subsequent ruling parties.
So how does it help to make a whimp of Mudende? So wrong!

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    Nyambe the Hero 3 weeks ago

    He can’t undo the truth.

    This power deficit is entirely due to PF jokers posing as leaders.

    Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane was on radio today and disclosed that in 2011 PF cancelled the $2 billion 750MW Kafue Gorge Lower hydro-electric power station that was scheduled to be completed in 2017. After wasting 4 years Lungu re-commissioned the same project.

    “Flashback: RB commissions US$2 billion Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro-electric Power Station” Zambian Watchdog, 29 November, 2015.

    This is exactly the same project president Edgar Lungu was launching yesterday.

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    pack and go mwakangiwa imwe ba PF.We are hungry.how do we go to vote with empty bellies. Ask Dr Banda Lupiya what happened to him.leave miti alone.Zesco is failing to give us power not because of water levels but too much cadres on payroll zamahala ndalama.

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    MAMBO TEMBO 3 weeks ago

    PF- Pack up and Flee. Enough

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    James Bond 3 weeks ago

    Muyenge – please give us a break – PF is a failed project – they only plan to eat what they have not worked for and that is my view as a person.

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    Kalassa 3 weeks ago

    @MUNYENGE so appropriately named. It is not as if the Kariba is the ONLY water body you mf’s have in that darn country, or is it? So a late 50s outfit is still something to use as an excuse in the 21st Century huh?

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      MUNYENGE 3 weeks ago

      Visit the country for you to appreciate zed, don’t just comment anyhow when you have not even been to Mulilansolo, shangombo, kaputa, nsama,vumbwi mayukwayukwa, sindamisale to see the wonderful works the PF are doing in these areas.

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    MUNYENGE 3 weeks ago

    Only fools who have not been to Kariba and seen with their naked eyes the low water levels will agree with Laura that load shedding is as a result of poor planning. We all know that the current power deficit is as a result of the low water levels at the dam due to poor rains faced in the previous season. Laura don’t express your inborn imbecility here and mislead the masses, be guided accordingly.

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      Laura speaks for herself and will therefore mislead nobody. And why do u think that the masses are stupid? Even if Laura doesn’t speak out, they will still have a viewpoint.