ZESCO boss says national power failures caused by cold weather

ZESCO Managing Director Cyprian Chitundu has attributed the power failures across the country to the cold weather.

Chitundu says there is high demand for electricity because of the current cold weather in the country and this is causing power to fail.

He said part of the power failures are caused by malfunctioning transformers in Luama valley on the Copperbelt and Kariba North Bank.

He was quoted by ZNBC, a government controlled broadcasting station.

Chitundu explained that ZESCO engineers are working hard to repair the generators and that the power cuts will end in the next three weeks.

He didn’t say what his engineers are doing about the weather.

There are prolonged power failures in the country with some districts like Kaoma in Western province having no power for three days now.

Last week, energy minister Mukanga Yamfwa said the power blsckouts which have assialied the country will end in 2017.

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