Police block protesting ZESCO casual workers

Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) casual workers this morning staged a protest against what they termed poor conditions of service and wage inequalities amongst employees.

Workers matched from ZESCO head office to the Ministry of Labour at government complex in a bid to seek an audience with the Minister of Labour Fackson Shamenda.

Alert Police officers at the Ministry intercepted the protesting but peaceful workers and only allowed five from the group to see the Minister who was at the time not in the office.

The Five who refused to disclose their identities for security reasons, could not cooperate with labour officers who wanted to address them demanding that they be addressed by either the Minister or his Deputy who was also reported to be out of the office.

Some workers told ZANIS that they have been working for over 4 years on short term contracts without being give permanent jobs despite being qualified to work as full time employees.

Others complained that ZESCO has not been paying them what was rightfully due to them according to the kind of work they do for the company.

After failing to meet the Minister, the protesters were planning to match to state house and see the head of state over the matter.

By broadcast time the Public Relations manager for ZESCO could not be reached for a comment as his phone was switched off.

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