Zesco denies responsibility for burnt property after power outages

Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has denied responsibility for the burning down of a house in Ngombe after a power outage.

ZESCO Director of Corporate Affairs, Besty Phiri says his company is not responsible for the accident because it does not disconnect power to one particular house but many others in the whole area.

It was alleged that ZESCO was responsible for the burning down of a house in Ngombe township last week, as it happened immediately electricity was restored after a power outage.

Some Lusaka residents have complained of experiencing short interval power outages which they allege are the cause of the burning down of houses experienced recently.

Another house in Chawama township caught fire yesterday after a power outage.

There have been complaints from several Lusaka residents that they are experiencing on-off power supply at certain times leading to property damage.

But Mr Phiri said the short interval power outages may be due to maintenance works coinciding with load-shedding.

However, Mr Phiri said it is not all power outages that may be attributed to load shedding, as it was sometimes due to electrical faults, adding that ZESCO does not disconnect power anyhow but follows a load shedding schedule.

Mr Phiri said in events where ZESCO is really responsible for the loss of property, the corporation always compensates the victims.

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