Zesco exploiting villagers

Dear Zambian Watchdog,

kindly expose this injustice being done by Zesco here in liteta central province.As per attached quotation, I applied for power to be connected to my residential house 30m by 30m in May but to my surprise the amount reflecting on it is so big-K101,860.44 so that up to now am still shocked that a poor villager is discouraged to have power because a few individuals are exploiting us.When i verbally complained to one of the zesco senior officers at chibombo,he advised me to reapply but the same PF cadres from lusaka will come to valuate the same place,kindly publish this article maybe the power that be may look into our plight.However,from the power grid line to my house is about 500m but instead zesco wants me to buy transformer for them,kindly assist because need power here like yesterday.

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