Zesco spokesperson caught having sex with another man at workplace

ZESCO public relations officer  Derrick Chiweshe was on Tuesday allegedly caught pants down when some employees found him fondling and kissing his male partner  Jack Kampole, a supplier of the institution, a source within Zesco has revealed.

Chiweshe had remained working late in the office and called his partner Kampole for a sexual engagement not knowing that one of his colleagues had forgotten a phone in the pool office.
“He was working on a documentary and thought everybody had knocked off and so he decided to call his lover who happened to be within the premises. Unfortunately for them his office mate had forgotten his phone in their pool office and found the two fondling each other and almost ready for a sexual encounter,” said the source.
Chiweshe’s conduct has since been presented to the union, security and the human resource department pending disciplinary action.

The source regretted that Chiweshe, who is in a critical department of the institution, could be engaging himself in such conduct in the office.

Chiweshe was initially working in the call centre but was later moved to the Public Relations Department much to the surprise of many Zesco workers.

“We were shocked to see this weird character that is all over social media for all the wrong reasons being transferred to such a critical department of the institution,” wondered one workmate.

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