Zesco increases charges for domestic consumers

Dear Editor,
Please allow me to lodge a serious concern on the ZESCO tariffs.

My record shows that on 9 December 2014 we were buying 436.7 units of electricity @ K200.

In April and July 2015 from the same amount we were able to buy 328.3 units.

In December 2015 we can buy only 108.8 units @ K200!!

This literary means electricity has gone up by 400%!

In the meantime we’ve been having load-shedding left right and centre.

Can someone please explain why we have to be exploited in this manner. Meanwhile government is saying they want to reduce or eradicate poverty. Any logic in this? Salaries for employees and allowances for pensioners haven’t changed during this period. How do you expect us to survive?

Did I hear something like PF cares for the people? Or they care for us only when we are nearing elections?

Almost ALL goods have gone up by this margin percentage, and you expect me to vote ECL?

Frank Sigubbu
Concerned pauper.

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