Zesco inefficiency

My name is Japhet,

Dear editor, I wish to lament something through your platform of watchdog.
It about Failed PF and Zesco. Sir am a small entrepreneur in KATETE who have built a shopping complex right in Katete, it in its completion but problem is power supply from zesco is not connected. I applied for installation last year in June 2016 and this is 2017 the mid-month but not yet provided with power. I have tried to visit zesco offices in Katete, PETAUKE, and chipata to try if I can get assisted but to no avail. This made me wonder to say what a company is zesco and it’s so called PF government. PF has failed Zesco has failed. How do you keep all small businesses without power, how are they to survive with PF tax regime. how are we going to manage service the loans from the banks, how are we to feed our children…… Please edit my idea and publish it in the best you can sir, maybe my voice can be heard.

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