Zesco Kitwe gets rid of casual workers

MORE than 30 casual workers who were working in the security Department of Zesco in Kitwe have had their contracts terminated after working for more than 9 years at the electricity company.

Zesco Kitwe Division Security officer Hectorate Kachengo said the Kitwe division had decided to terminate the contract of casual workers because other zesco casual workers from Towns like Mufulira were putting pressure on why Kitwe had not fired its casual workers when them had been fired.

The workers were shocked that after signing the contract for three months on Monday, later in the evening around 1800hours on the same day, they were informed through their phones that the contract they signed in the morning had been terminated.

The workers, who went to Zesco Kitwe headquarters offices in Kitwe, alleged that their contract had been terminated because some senior bosses in Kitwe wanted to replace them with their relatives.

“The day our contracts were terminated, that is the day they employed others to replace us. We have information that they are bringing their relatives to replace us.

“During the labour day, Zesco MD Cyprian Chitundu said all those who have worked as casuals for a long time, should be employed on full time, but instead of employing us on full time, they are bringing their relatives,” said one of the casual workers

But, Zesco Kitwe Division Security officer Hectorate Kachengo said the Kitwe division would have liked to maintain the same casual workers, those fired from other towns were putting pressure on why Kitwe had maintained the same old casual workers.

Mr Kachengo, who addressed the casual workers at the division headquarters in Kitwe this morning, advised them to keep calm because the company may come back to them.

“After some casuals were fired from Mufulira were fired, they started investigating if all the divisions were carrying out the same programme of replacing the old casual workers and they found that in Kitwe, we had not fired any and so they started making noise.

“It is this noise and pressure from former casuals from Mufulira that led to the Kitwe division to also terminate the contract you signed on Monday. Be calm, you may be re-called,” said Mr Kachengo.

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