Zesco load shedding getting worse


Allow us to express our displeasure in the way Zesco seems to be
handling this national crisis. Zesco has increased the rate at which
there is more darkness to lightness.

Yesterday various residents experienced prolonged times of darkness in
various parts of Lusaka. For instance Libala and other places that
lost power at 10:00hrs only had power restored at 22:00hrs instead of
17:00hrs. Zesco did not pass on official communication on what caused
this to its so called “esteemed customers”

This Wednesday it seems the same situation is being experience. For
parts of Lusaka that lost power at 06:00hrs only had it restored past
16:00hrs instead of 14:00hrs. No official communication has been given
to why this is happening. Residents who have called Zesco to get
information have been told Zesco is having system challenges and some
are being told of emergency load shedding that needs to be carried

Surely society does not need this to add to the economic hardships and
hikes in prices of almost entirely everything. The dollar to include
is a bigger issue on its own.
Government has been talking about diversification of the economy to
other sectors such as agriculture and other developmental sectors.

How can this diversification happen in complete darkness being
experienced in the country? Power is a major necessity for any
developing sector of an economy. If it is in shortfall nothing can
change in this country. Production happens in the day and if we cannot
produce due to power shortage then it’s pointless to look at other
sectors of the economy.

Looking at the trends coming from our Power utility company has caused
citizens to invest into other sources of power such as gensets and
solar energy. A question I have for Zesco is this “Do you think when
you normalize the power shortage next year (if rain does fall in large
quantities), people are going to get rid of their gensets/solar power
solutions?” I doubt that and people are most likely to continue using
them so as to save on the hiked Zesco Utility bills(Which can be
brought about due to low demand for Zesco power). The people who end
up suffering are the ones that cannot afford gensets or solar power
setups. They will even be given a bigger challenge to pay Zesco more
money on those hiked prices due to low demand.
It does not take a professor to foresee all these things bound to
happen. I believe wisdom is a gift and if the people in authority have
it then they can act upon it. Advice is usually free of charge.
However as Zambians have been taken advantage of due to their peaceful
nature brings about all these problems but the day they decide to feel
otherwise, it might a be thing that will blow out of proportion. Thank
you for your time.

P.S : Zesco give us the New Load Shedding schedule


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