Zesco load shedding will impact Zambia’s end year GDP – Nkhoma

Zesco load shedding will impact Zambia’s end year GDP – Nkhoma

Nkhoma (right)

Nkhoma (left)

Economist Noel Nkhoma has observed that the increased load shedding in the country will have a negative impact on the country’s mining sector which will in turn affect the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Zesco reduced power supply to the mines by about 17 per cent following its incapacity to supply power. The power failures are a result of corruption by the PF government. See here

Mr. Nkhoma who is also former Economic Association of Zambia president explains that in this regard that the power utility ZESCO should consider the most critical sectors of the economy such as mining in the manner they load shed.

He said  the greatest concern is that the mining sector will not be able to reach the target of one million metric tonnes of copper production.

Mr Nkhoma notes that this means there will be less revenue for the Zambia Revenue Authority to collect especially with the already revised mining tax regime.

He added that load shedding will also reduce productivity in the economy.

Mr. Nkhoma said that this especially that the current load shedding will have a huge negative the manufacturing industry which is also a key sector.

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