Zesco managing director has shamed PF

Zesco managing director has shamed PF


Fred Mmembe loved to say ” lies have short legs” in most of his Post newspaper editorial comments. Fred called lies as vices.

The PF government especially President Lungu have been blaming God for all the 2019 economic and social challenges, by underlining and highlighting climate change effects.

*On the contrary, and as Victor Mundende the Zesco MD has straightforwardly put it, God and Climate Change are not responsible for shortage of electricity. It’s all about PF corruption and incompetence* .

The Government and the president in entirety have totalled and pinned shortage of electricity on low water levels as a result of climate change.

We thus have received the news from prime TV and other sources, about the admission by Victor Mundende, the Zesco MD that its actually PF politicians and not water levels that have caused the unprecedented electricity shortage.

Lies have short legs.

The draught spell experienced in 2018 was not a record shortage of sufficient rains, meaning we had experienced such a draught several times before. As a nation however, we have never experienced such lengthy hours of darkness and electrical sabotage of our economy.

Its why we maintained that znbc is the nation’s biggest lie and biggest negative for propagating lies and falsehoods of climate change effects against electricity generation.

Some sectors of the republic have even nicknamed President Lungu as President climate change.

How can you generate electricity and export that electricity and then you blame God to be the causer of shortage of electricity?

It’s why I advised Amb Mbita Derrick Chita against soiling his innocence in the Zesco saga because the truth will definitely come out in future and all those Zesco directors will be answerable. We thank Victor Mundende for coming out in the open an shame President Lungu.

James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku RPP President

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