Nothing working in Zambia: Zesco orders mines to reduce production amid increasing power shortages

ZESCO has ordered mining companies to cut power usage amid a shortage caused by poor planning and irresponsibility on the part of government and its agency, ZESCO.

This simply means that the main stay of the economy will be adversely affected, as output and therefore government revenue will decline this year.

The PF g0vernment and Zesco are blaming God for not sending enough rains this year but they are exporting power. Moreover, in this time and age, with weather forecasts being 99 per cent accurate, serious power utility companies plan ahead. Every day after news on the PF loud speaker ZNBC, the meteorological department gives free information on the amount of rain to expect. Mr Nkomoki has been telling tis country has been telling the country that there would be less rains this year. Where was ZESCO? They don’t’ watch ZNBC since they can afford DSTV?

And how do they know that next year God will send more rains?

“We are looking forward to a full analysis of the power supply situation and subsequent discussion with all major stakeholders on how the power deficit will be managed,” Jackson Sikamo, president at the Zambia Chamber of Mines, said in reply to e-mailed questions Wednesday.

Zambia’s copper production probably won’t top last year’s, when output fell to a three-year low, because of a tax dispute between producers and the government, Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma said June 11. The power shortage could exacerbate a decline, as producers of the metal account for more than half of the country’s electricity demand, writes Mathew Hill of Bloomberg news agency.


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