Zesco power fault blows up Kabwe hospital mortuary compressors, bodies in express burial

An electric fault has blown up two compressors to the Kabwe General Hospital mortuary cold room thereby leading the hospital administration with no option but to burying dead bodies prematurely as they cannot withstand the high temperature.

Sources from the hospital have told the Watchdog that the two compressors were blown up after some power interruption to the hospital and that currently the hospital doesn’t have money to replace the damaged compressors.

After the mortuary was fitted with a cold room, the fridges that were removed were kept for emergencies such as these but earlier this year, they were corruptly shipped to a mortuary in Chisamba district. So far about sixteen bodies have been hastily burried between Saturday up to monday morning. The biggest casualties are dead prisoners from the congested Mukobeko maximum prison.

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